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Several online resources (HuffPost, American Bar, Public’s Perceptions of Attorneys) suggest that the top complaint people have about attorneys is they won’t call you back. There are many reasons for this, but regardless it doesn’t make it acceptable. That’s why when I opened my practice, I opened it with the conviction that I will promptly respond to clients. My clients are a priority, plain and simple.

People Like to Know

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What is it like working with you?

  • I am available when my clients need me. People don’t pay attorneys to be unavailable.
  • I am personable. After all, I’m a real person just like you.
  • I want people to feel like they made the right decision hiring me. Although no attorney can guarantee you the result you want, I will work as hard as possible to meet the goals we set together at the beginning of the case.

Do you have experience doing exactly what they need?

  • What I like to tell people is this: think for second how disastrous the outcome might be if I had to do your job. For example, if you are a nurse or an electrician, think about what would happen if I decided I was going to go do one of those things with no training or experience. The same concept applies to practicing law. It’s not something you learn over night.
  • I was a prosecutor for over seven years. Over those years, I handled adult and juvenile cases from Shoplifting to Attempted Murder. I gained valuable trial experience during that time which is something not every attorney has.
  • I’m not going to pretend that I know the answer to every legal question someone could ask me. (Here’s a secret, no one does!) But I promise this, if I don’t know the answer, I will either learn the answer and competently represent you or refer you to an attorney who does know the answer. I want clients that I can help. Not every client is for me and not every lawyer is for you. The attorney-client relationship is an important one that needs to work for both parties to achieve the best possible outcome.

Will you return my calls and emails?

  • I will absolutely return phone calls. There is no reason that an attorney you have hired cannot return your calls.

People say I’m a stickler for?

  • Ethics. There is a way to ethically practice law, and then there’s the wrong way.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

  • I love being outdoors. I enjoy hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and spending time with family and friends.
  • I also enjoy traveling to Latin America when I can.
  • I enjoy helping others and volunteering which is something I wish I could do more.

What are your academics & achievements

  • 2005-Outstanding Senior in Political Science, University of South Carolina
  • 2005-Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Spanish, University of South Carolina, magna cum laude
  • 2005-language emergence program, La Escuela Falcón, Guanajuato, Mexico
  • 2008-Juris Doctor, University of South Carolina
  • 2016 CLE Chair for DCbar
  • Member, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Member, National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Member, Dorchester County Bar

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