Clients Have Said

**The Rules of Professional Conduct require disclosure that this is a “Testimonial” about the attorney. Please be aware that any result achieved on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.


Honest, Professional, Caring

“Very confident and professional attorney. Highly recommend her service and support. Would definitely recommend her for future needs.”

–Anonymous, Client – 06/13/2022

Very Appreciative of Outcome

“Very Informative and kept in touch at all times.”

–Raymond Price, Client – 06/10/2022

Professional & Efficient

“Jennilee Pirtle represented me in a civil matter that had frustrated me for over 5 years. The matter was settled in less than 1 month and I was very pleased with the settlement.”

–J.R. Payne, Client – 06/09/2022

Prompt & Professional

“Jennilee was prompt and professional when handling my legal matter. I was able to get an appointment quickly and she worked efficiently to get all the information needed in one visit. She told me exactly what to expect and called as soon as the matter was resolved. She was friendly yet professional and I would let her represent me again if the need arose.”

–Valerie Mosier, Client – 04/22/2022

Extremely Valuable

“Jennilee has experience that has provided extremely valuable in cases she has handled for me. I would strongly recommend her services to friends and family if a future need ever arose.”

–DE, Client – 10/10/2022

Felt Comfortable

“I appreciate Mrs. Kimmon’s service that she provided to me. She made me feel comfortable with the process of the legal service that she gave me.”

–Owen Borville, Client – 01/27/2022

Great Experience AGAIN!

“Jennilee makes everything so easy and stress free! I hope to not need an attorney again but if I do I will be calling her again.”

— AC, Client – 09/08/2021

Clear and Concise

“Great to work with. Clear and concise communication. Solid representation where the client is put first.”

— TU, Client – 02/15/2021

Painless Process

“Jennilee made the process completely painless and took so much stress off of me. I should have contacted her sooner instead of trying to handle it on my own. Thank you!”

— Anonymous, Client – 12/04/2020

Timely Advice

“Jennilee Pirtle is always there with the timely advice I need.”

— Patrick, Client – 10/09/2020


“Wonderful services, extremely helpful.”

— Anonymous, Client – 09/29/2020

I Will Recommend You.

“Elisabeth, Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You and your office is one of the best firms I have ever worked with. I am and will recommend you and your staff to anyone that needs help. You helped me get through a process that I did not know how to handle. Thank you again. If you ever need me for anything please let me know.”

— Jimmy Mixson, Client – 08/27/2020

Highly Recommended!

“Very professional. Quick to respond to mails and calls. Very knowledgable in family law & child custody. Fought very heard on my behalf. Highly recommended attorney.”

— BA, Client – 06/25/2020

More Than Just a Client!

“Elisabeth was so sweet to me, but also showed me she could kick butt if need be. She needed me to sign papers when I lost my leg and couldn’t go out so she came to my house. Love her to death!”

— Karenann, Client – 06/09/2020

More Than Just a Client!

“I couldn’t have asked for better representation. Lis made this difficult situation as pain free as possible for me and treated me as much more than just a client.”

— James, Client – 06/02/2020

Caring, Informative, Trustworthy!

“Jennilee was great through this process. It was not an easy thing to go through but she was very informative on everything that I should and shouldn’t do. I would highly recommend her. She just made a very stressful situation a very easy process.”

— Trudy Fanning, Client – 04/09/2020

Professional, Honest, Loyal & Flexible!

“Jennilee Pirtle exceeded my expectations by far. She was available at all times and most helpful with anything and everything regarding my case. She was everything I knew she would be and more. Her performance was fierce and her support was above and beyond!”

— Jessica Bunch, Client – 03/11/2020


“Jennilee is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend her to everyone. I would definitely use her services again. Very professional.”

— Kevin Taylor, Client – 02/07/2020

No Complaints!

“Glad we went with you. No complaints!”

— Daniel Fuchs, Client – 01/23/2020

The First To Respond.

“Jennilee and her team were awesome. When I started searching for a divorce attorney Jennilee was the first to respond, and she did so quickly. Both Jennilee and Holly were very professional and were quick to answer any questions I had. With the evidence I had we were able to settle my case in only three months. Thank you!”

— Jennifer Teter, Client – 12/09/2019

Made Easy!

“Jennilee made things very easy. I thank you very much!”

— Carl Smith, Client – 10/28/2019

Hard Working!

“Jennilee is a hard working attorney. I appreciate all her time and effort into getting me the best outcome possible. Thank you. I am not sure where I would be without your help.”

— Lisa, Client – 08/05/2019

Great Job!

“Jennilee & Staff did a great job handling my case. I would definitely recommend her office and use her services again. Although I hope I won’t need them. :-)”

— Damion, Client – 08/02/2019


“I would like to thank you Jennilee and your law firm for the outstanding communication and dedication in my case. I appreciate the hard work and efforts you put into it. You are a terrific attorney, and I thank you for your excellent representation.”

— Greg, Client – 03/01/2019


“Ms. Pirtle was excellent. She handled my case very well and I felt like she took the stress away while I was going through this hard time. She takes the time to explain everything that will and is going to happen. I am so glad I took the recommendation of a friend to seek the services of Ms. Pirtle.”

— Christi Escamilla, Client – 10/08/2018

Very Professional!

“Very professional, outstanding lawyer.”

— Lawton Craven, Client – 08/27/2018

Thank You!

“I want to thank you for helping me get through my divorce! :-)”

— Patric, Client – 04/12/2018

Very Capable Lawyer!

“Mrs. Pirtle is a very capable lawyer that I recommend without reservations. She handled my divorce case promptly, sincerely with my best interest in her thoughts. She was readily available at all times, answered my questions and advised me throughout the proceedings. I will use her again as she got results that I was looking for. Thanks.”

— Lynn Loy, Client – 12/13/2017

Excellent Attorney!

“In my opinion attorney Jennilee Pirtle is excellent, very professional and I was very pleased with her. I would hire her again if the need ever came up.”

— Dianne Cicala, Client – 06/06/2017

Kept Us Informed.

“Jennilee helped provide us with the process throughout our case. She was always willing to explain things and help put us at ease. During our hearing she was prepared and firm which helped us easily win our case based on previous case law. I would gladly come back to Jennilee for any future legal needs.”

— C.M., Client – 06/04/2017

You Really Helped Me.

“Jennilee, I truly appreciate your time and effort with my case. You really helped me when I needed it the most. Thank you for everything. I feel like I can start my life over now. Whatever that may be.”

— Joshua Ryan Esteppe, Client – 06/03/2017

Very Nice, Very Professional.

“Very nice, very professional. Listens when you talk and answers all of your questions.”

— Annette Pye, Client – 06/01/2017

Couldn’t Have Hired Someone Better!

“Very patient and always on top of everything. She listens to all of your concerns and always has your best interest at heart. She is very hands on and personable. She always makes sure to update you throughout the process and always makes sure you feel included in every step. We would definitely recommend her to anyone.”

— Allan Thomas, Client – 02/09/2017

Kind and Professional.

“Jennilee Pirtle has a very kind and professional attitude. I am pleased with her performance, support, and professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with her!”

— D.P, Client – 04/10/2016

Expectations Far Exceeded.

“Jennilee far exceeded my expectations. After the first consultation, Jennilee personalized the relationship, owned my concerns and engendered a belief that she would do everything possible to help me succeed. And she did. Most of all, Jennilee was available and responded in a timely manner. I would most definitely recommend her.”

— Christopher, Client – 04/12/2016

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